The office of “The Controller of Examinations” was instituted in the month of October 2015 on the conferment of Autonomous status to the college. The office of the Controller of Examinations and the examination cell is working under a common umbrella to hold the examination activities of the college under Autonomous Scheme. The office frames its roles and responsibilities in such a way that the continuous learning processes of the students are assessed appropriately through standard examination process and methods with confidentiality. In addition to the preparation and conduction of Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) test and End Semester Examinations and its publication of results for all the UG, PG and Ph.D. Programme(s), the other roles and responsibilities of the office of the Controller of Examinations are

✤ Collection and maintenance of student bio data from the admitted students.

✤ Registration of programme & open electives from the students for the End Semester Examinations.

✤ Preparation of time table, hall plan, seating arrangement and invigilator duty list for the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) test.

✤ Collection of question papers from the departments, printing and disseminating for the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) test.

✤ Conduction of CIA test for the students of various UG/PG Programmes.

✤ Entry of CIA details such as attendance, CIA test marks, assignment marks and Innovative practices marks in the COE examination portal.

✤ Uploading the period wise assessment details in the students login of the college website and provide the assessment report to the departments.

✤ Preparation of Particulars of Attendance details as per Proforma I to VI.

✤ Collection of practical examination schedule from the departments.

✤ Appointment of internal and external examiners for practical examinations.

✤ Preparation of panel of examiners from various other colleges and Universities.

✤ Preparation of nominal roll and exam applications for the End Semester Examinations.

✤ Preparation of time table for End Semester Examinations.

✤ Preparation of room allotment, hall seating plan and appointment of hall superintendents, squad members and chief superintendent etc. for the End Semester Theory Examinations.

✤ Issue of hall tickets to the eligible students for the End Semester Examinations.

✤ Conduction of End Semester Theory Examinations.

✤ Appointment of examiners and chief examiners for central valuation.

✤ Conduction of Result Passing Board meeting and publication of results.

✤ Conduction of Malpractice Committee Meeting, if any for each semester by Malpractice Committee.

✤ Issue of photocopy of the answer scripts for the required students and revaluation of answer scripts.

✤ Publishing revaluation results.

✤ Printing of Statement of Grades Consolidated Statement of Grades.

✤ Recommendation of the eligible students to the University for the Award of degree certificate.

✤ Issue of Duplicate Grade Sheet and Name/ Date of Birth change corrections etc.,

✤ Issue of Transcripts, CGPA to Percentage conversion, Medium of Instruction certificates etc.,

✤ Supporting the companies in student background verification.